Reaching up

The sound of the door creaking open I slowly roll out of bed it is late it’s the only sound in the house. It can mean only one thing my son is awake. I unlatch his gate and as soon as I walk in I feel him reaching up for me saying “doddy”. He couldn’t see me I wanted to be mad at him for waking me up but I couldn’t help but smile. I wonder if sometimes that is how God feels when I mess up and call out to Him. Feels like I am entombed in darkness and asking for forgiveness. GOD not having all my flaws sees past my mistakes and smiles down on me. There are times when I can only focus on what is around me. This doesn’t just go for the bad stuff in my life but also making goals as well. We were recently at our friends son’s birthday party. They had a basketball hoop tucked in the back. My son of course spotted it and soon learned that he needed me to make the basket again reaching up. It is a good reminder that in both times of need and in reaching my goals I need to rely on GOD to get me through it.

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4 Responses to Reaching up

  1. Eric says:

    Some good stuff.

  2. kris says:

    I luv reading the stuff u write andrew. They r inspiring and mk me think! I need to cm hear u preach!

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