The asessment

Every once in a while a moment comes and you realize how you handle this will affect who you are. For us this was that moment, I have had other life changing moments in my life ones that even shook me to the core. This was different we were in a room with our son and a bunch of people we didn’t know. They were going over the results of his assessment they were courteous and understanding but  it still wasn’t easy we had no answers only questions and for both of us that is not the norm. It is amazing how differently you handle a situation with your kids then yourself. As a youth pastor I spend my life equipping kids for the world that is coming at them and in this situation I felt ill-equipped to help my own son. Sure things could be much worse but that didn’t change how this moment hit us.

It has been sometime now and the school has worked out great everyone has been a pleasure to work with and he has really progressed. He is saying something new almost everyday it seems like and showing a much better understanding of how things work and what he should do. After the initial shock of everything and we being determined to help my son anyway we can things have really smoothed out. We can see that GOD has taken care of everything down to the fact that we are super close to the best school in riverside for him. We keep our eyes lifted up and we press on as best we know how this is the next chapter of our lives.

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5 Responses to The asessment

  1. kris says:

    Hezzy is such a precious gift from God. think of all he has taught u! May God continue to bless you
    and yours.

  2. league89 says:

    That’s so amazing! I am so glad he’s progressing well!

      • Ruth Hester says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with Kris. Hezzie is the most
        adorable little guy. Every time I see him, I just want to hug
        & kiss him. I love him so much. He is a very smart little
        guy & I’m very proud of him. He is indeed a very precious
        gift from the Lord & my prayer for him is that he will
        fulfill the purposes that God has created him for & that
        God will give you, Kendra & all that have input in his life
        to be given the wisdom that is needed for him in every season of
        his life.

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