The best event planner for IOS you might already own

As a youth pastor I wanted a app where I could have my total budget, projects, fundraisers, attendance, messages all in one and if needed be able to easily send it to someone if needed. I couldn’t find a app that did all of these things until my job ( made me think about how much I accomplish with spreadsheets. Numbers had just came out so I downloaded it and checked it out and that is what I use for my one stop shop here is how.

Templates is one of the biggest things numbers brings to the table aside from its incredible mobile interface. For our purposes we are going to use the team organization template.

Label Your Tabs. This will help guide you in your customization, you are going to have to make a lot of adjustments depending on what you want to do. I copied other pieces from other templates and pasted them in, there are even a number of templates apps to choose from now. I would suggest the most commonly used tabs to the left adjust this anytime by holding the tab until it lifts then drag left and right accordingly.

Keep It Simple. I have learned this hand in hand with both my job and my ministry. My boss always reminds this and as a result I am a more efficient Manager. I then took that concept and applied it to my ministry it lets me get out of the way and have God do His thing. Where this is most evident is how I do my budget. Numbers has a unique feature in it where you can create formulas by category. Simply type in categories whatever you want and then create another table and it will combine all the like categories. I found it easiest to make a simply transaction log alot like a check book then a totals table and made a pie chart to the right to easily show people up to the minute finances you can include all the categories or just what you want with simply touch the chart click edit references and drag and drop what you want to include or exclude. I have a trip tab and a service tab I copy those and simply rename it for whatever we are doing saves me a lot of time and work.

iCloud Benefits. The obvious is that it sync’s my iPhone and iPad which is great because I don’t always have my iPad on me. Another added benefit is that it handles the conversion from numbers format to pdf, excel or numbers right on your device or from any web surfing device via iCloud webpage. This has been especially useful when needing to upload files while on my work PC or when visiting someone where I have spotty coverage.

There are a lot of other things you can do with this setup customize then shoot me a email or comment with a link of what you have done. If you want this template just let me know and donations are welcomed. If there is enough of a demand I might just set up an automated link.

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