Every time I see God’s providence through our prayers, it’s so emotional. Every night Andrew and I pray over Hezekiah in bed. We ask for God to help him communicate, talk, and understand more. I used to think that “I” was the one doing all of these things for my children. This year I have realized “I” have nothing to do with anything good that happens in this life. It is truly only that God has chosen to use me. I used to pray over Hezekiah and think to myself, why does God not hear me? All along, God was asking me to draw nearer to Him and have complete trust in Him. When I decided to trust in God more completely that is when he started moving more. I pray to God now and I see Him moving according to His will. Hezekiah has made significant strides with his progress! He talks more and understands more and it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God.

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