Water or Gasoline

Great article on a store bought juice.

Right Now Raw

right now rawSometimes it can really be difficult to choose the healthiest juice when we are bombarded with so much advertising that proclaims their product is best. One thing I learned from Joe Cross when he was answering questions about the freshness of juice is that he has scale. At one end of the spectrum is water, at the other end is gasoline. One is great for us, and one would kill us! Where does your juice fit on his scale?

I have my beloved Breville Juicer and I place my juice right up there at the healthy water spot. But, there are times when we need to grab a juice on the go. What’s a raw mom to do? I always hunt for a fresh juice bar, if I fail to locate one, it is off to the store. This is where it gets complicated.

right now rawWhat is all the buzz about…

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