Intro to Youtube page

Here is the intro to my youtube channel which I will be dedicating to things that have helped us raise my autistic son and also my a typical son. A summary of each video will go here if you can’t listen to it with volume provide a background on the video complete with links etc.

For example the full meaning behind unchewable is one day someone had said “Life chews you up and spits you out” and in that moment I said my faith has made me unchewable. I didn’t realize then how much my faith would be tested. Having a autistic son has affecting my marriage, how we raised our 2nd son, my diet, how I interact with others and how I look at life in general. On the news we constantly here about all the negative things that are happening. Here I want to be able to help other parents whether they have an autistic child or not and hopefully make there life a little easier. I will also be making blogs based on questions I receive so this can be a resource for others.

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