Connecting with your ASD child using the trampoline and saving your back

My son was mostly non-verbal for a long time where we had even received an iPad and raised money for expensive language apps. We found a great speech therapist and his language improved rapidly but he never call me dad or my wife mom. I never knew if he would ever be able to call me dad. We started seeing a connection with physical activities and language so we started looking for ways to connect with him. A really awesome couple at church had given us a trampoline so we started doing his therapy in the trampoline. We would have him do an exercise and he would work for “daddy jump”. The first time he called me dad was April 26th 2016 and now “daddy jump” which you will hear in the video is a common occurrence but on that day it brought a tear to my eye. His language has grown a ton over the last couple of years. We are constantly trying to find ways to connect with him and will be posting all of the ones that have been helpful for us.

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