A different perspective


It’s amazing how much a different perspective can change things. As a parent of a child with ASD I am constantly forced into his world and it’s different. I found i have this conversation with lots of people centered around what we focus on.

When he is having a good day I can say “what did I do to deserve this?” and look at all the unique and positive things about his condition. On a bad day I can say the same exact thing with a different perspective “what did I do to deserve this?”. They are identical on paper but couldn’t be more different in meaning and how they effect my attitude and day.

Let’s take this example and then daisy chain all those positive days together what would that life look like. Do the same with all the negative days what would that life look like. Which would you rather live; looking at your own life in which story do you find yourself? The only difference between the two is your perspective. Let’s live we are unchewable and choose the positive story and live a life better lived.

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