Does a autistic boy go pee in the woods

It’s amazing how something that can seem so simple becomes such a challenge with a kiddo on the spectrum. We have had a lot of challenges that I would consider “funny” but this one, at least for now takes the cake.

We were out searching for a sledding spot in the snow with no access to a bathroom and had just walked our way down a valley that would work. When I hear those dreaded words “go potty” which are normally a welcome sentence at home. I told him ok buddy let’s go over here to which he replied “no over here” repeating over and over loudly. I finally get him over to a tree trying to convince him peeing in the snow would be fun. He was screaming at this point at the top of his lungs and I felt ridiculous. Eventually though he did it and did enjoy it in fact went up to my wife and had no problem going for her. This brings me to the reflective moment.

One of the things we have strived to do with Hezzy is to force him to try new things. Without the ability to effectively communicate what he does and doesn’t want to do this has been our only avenue to help him in many areas. In fact some of the things he enjoys most now he screamed that he didn’t want to do them. As parents if we don’t push our kids to at least try new things we are effectively hindering there growth. Sometimes we can hand all of our biases unknowingly to our kids, which makes things increasingly difficult for special needs kids. Instead of saying he can’t do that he is special needs or someone asks me do you think he can do that I smile and say we are about to find out.

In my own life I find myself trying more things because it has had such a powerful effect on my son. Do you feel like you have held your child back out of fear? Has this affected your life and you feel like you haven’t tried new things yourself. Nothing crazy or weird just something new. There are limitless possibilities look at your challenges and your child’s challenges as opportunities. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and sometimes we just haven’t taken the time.

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