Black and White Takes Center Stage

My wife and I are always trying to learn how to parent better, every child is different and ours are night and day. We are constantly being presented with new situations with both of the boys. Consistentency is something we know has played a huge role in our kids lives. We try to make things as black and white as we can and ask the boys often “yes or no” when faced with a decision. We don’t allow our boys to reply with let me think about it when we tell them to go to bed or do chores and we in turn try to give them very direct answers to their questions.

Our culture is immersed in technology and we are just as guilty if not more then most. We are trying to define the black and white with things like iPads that can be very beneficial but also can be very detrimental as well. We have struggled here and will do a longer write up to include when we use it as a visual aid for our special needs son.

As adults it would seem that we would benefit from being straight forward with love to people just like we are with our kids. When was the last time you told someone “we should hang out sometime” with someone you have no intention of spending time with? We are so busy and sometimes we just need to let some things go, are you overwhelmed with all the grey you have created by not saying yes and no to things? What are some things you need to say yes to and what are some things you need to say no to?

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