A change of direction

Since we moved into this house this section always flooded due to the fact that this little rain gutter piece was facing the chimney. We have a flat roof on this part of the house and all of the water gets redirected here just changing this tiny piece completely fixed that problem as there is a drain right there.

I feel like I have had a lot of conversations with people that are not happy with their life or something about their life and they haven’t changed anything. To which I always reply

Nothing will change if you don’t change something I would start by changing just one thing.

I feel like a lot of us get stuck because we see a insane list of problems that are too big to take on so we don’t make a single step in the right direction. We give up before we ever start, many things are out of our control but changing one thing is something we can do. The list of things to help Hezzy with is never ending but we are taking it one thing at a time and seeing a lot of progress, its not easy but oh man its worth it. Don’t give up you can do it.

What is the one thing that you can change in your life?

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