Gardening has been a place to help me forget about all the craziness of life. I forget about the things I can’t control and focus on pulling weeds I can. Trimming our plants and seeing it come together often time having my son help water them. A process of letting go even the plants you see in this picture only started blooming when I stopped watering them. I feel like this is a good coping mechanism for any parent and your place looks nicer after your done.

I was a knife nut before I had kids. When I started getting into gardening I wanted a nice hand trowel and found the Japanese Hori Hori. “Hori” means to dig its sharp on both sides and especially for working with succulents it makes digging out the pups off the base of the plants really easy.

The exact model I got is the sensei Hori Hori. I love it the sheath is a little flimsy but the unit is incredibly robust. No I am not sponsored but would love to be if your reading Sensei 😉 lol. I just want to give you guys some real world recommendations. I have been doing mostly reflective posts lately. There will come times in your life where you need to dig deep and sometimes it may be helpful to literally dig and now you will have a cool tool to do it with.

Sensei Tools Hori Hori Digging Knife, 7.5 Inches – With Sheath

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