Deciding on discipline

One of the hardest challenges for any parent is deciding how to discipline your child. When you have a special needs child this gets more complicated. When you feel like you have things figured out you have another child and have to start over. For us this has been the biggest of challenges and the best of opportunities with our youngest son. Hezzy doesn’t test us like Mattox does this shot was taken after he had wrote something he wasn’t suppose to at school. All the normal things float through your head.

Am I failing as a parent?

Could I have stopped this?

Is this my fault?

The reality is none of us are perfect give yourself some grace there but don’t allow it to prevent you from telling your child what’s wrong is wrong.

I told Mattox what he did was wrong and he was gonna help me with the yard work for quite a while. He complained at first but the funniest thing happened. We hung out and had a good time and he asked if I had more for him to do. This was hours of work but also hours of time with my son and we accomplished something together. I am still learning but if there is one thing I could pass on to the next parent it is whatever your discipline is make it constructive and spend time and care to make sure they know you care for them even though they did something wrong.

Do you have trouble disciplining your child? Is there something you can do that’s constructive next time your child does something they are not suppose too.

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