How do you handle challenges with your children? Do you meet them head on or do you avoid them which has worked better? There are definitely times where you need to pick your battles and know your limits this especially true with kids on the spectrum. Hezzy has been afraid of water we taught him to swim and watering plants is his favorite thing to do now. He was terrified of swings, stairs and elevators he loves all three now. Our latest adventure is dogs he is terrified of dogs which has made for some scary moments when it has caught us off guard. So we did what we always do take it head on and now have a dog. Our youngest loves the dog and she has been a great addition to our family.Hezzy will always be different. I want him to be himself but I don’t want him to do whatever he wants and we will always be walking that line. Today we found out that we have probably lost funding for his speech which has really helped him. This picture was taken there today in that moment and sums up my feelings. It’s another challenge we will take on as best we can. What challenges are you facing and do you face them?

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