Say no to Negativity

  Andrew We have people reach out to us quite often and ask us questions about our son being autistic so I figured we would post some blogs that might be of some help to another couple. Many people define themselves by their accomplishments so why is it that when your child is diagnosed on the spectrum everyone defines them by their deficits. Now we have to make the separation on what will best help our child and how to view that process. In order to help our child we had to know where his deficits were and make goals … Continue reading Say no to Negativity

The best event planner for IOS you might already own

As a youth pastor I wanted a app where I could have my total budget, projects, fundraisers, attendance, messages all in one and if needed be able to easily send it to someone if needed. I couldn’t find a app that did all of these things until my job ( made me think about how much I accomplish with spreadsheets. Numbers had just came out so I downloaded it and checked it out and that is what I use for my one stop shop here is how. Templates is one of the biggest things numbers brings to the table aside … Continue reading The best event planner for IOS you might already own

7 min at 7a on the 7th

I have been wanting to post a blog everyday for a while but I get so busy I rarely have time to do it, luckily I found a way around it with the nifty WordPress I can do a bunch at once and have it publish the upcoming days. I have a ton of reviews and thoughts so I will be able to keep it mixed up and not bore you. Everything will be video’d and posted with with iphone’s and ipads 🙂 just out of convenience for me. My goal is to keep video’s under 7 min and always … Continue reading 7 min at 7a on the 7th