Water or Gasoline

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Sometimes it can really be difficult to choose the healthiest juice when we are bombarded with so much advertising that proclaims their product is best. One thing I learned from Joe Cross when he…

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Juice Speaks Louder Than Words

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Right Now Raw

right now rawDo you ever make promises like…”God, please get me out of this and I promise I will be a really good person!”? I have, and the funny thing is once I am rescued out of my distress, I forget about my promise, and I go back to my regular old self. Now that’s a problem, because I want to be better than that!

I love how much I am learning about living a healthy life. There are keys to optimum health that work if we are willing to infuse them into our daily life. Proper amount of sleep, hydration, exercise, eating organic real food, and loving yourself are my top five.

right now raw

This loving yourself can get in your way if you don’t nurture it daily. Sometimes it can feel wrong if we spend too much time on ourselves. I know I have shared this before, but the golden rule is; 

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Every time I see God’s providence through our prayers, it’s so emotional. Every night Andrew and I pray over Hezekiah in bed. We ask for God to help him communicate, talk, and understand more. I used to think that “I” was the one doing all of these things for my children. This year I have realized “I” have nothing to do with anything good that happens in this life. It is truly only that God has chosen to use me. I used to pray over Hezekiah and think to myself, why does God not hear me? All along, God was asking me to draw nearer to Him and have complete trust in Him. When I decided to trust in God more completely that is when he started moving more. I pray to God now and I see Him moving according to His will. Hezekiah has made significant strides with his progress! He talks more and understands more and it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God.

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Should they stay or should they go


Every parent asks the question but it is always in the forefront of a parent with a special needs child. How do you decide when to take your kiddo that may brake dance, scream or interact with people. Every kid is different so no one can tell you, it’s a decision you have to make on your own and it’s not always easy. Where I currently stand is you have to try and take your kid\s with some regularity so they get use to it but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. Here is a quick list that I run through though.

1. Will your child enjoy it if you don’t know give it a shot
2. Do you have things to distract your child
3. Do you and your spouse need some time away?
4. Could you make this a learning experience. Remember sometimes you may not know how much your child is retaining.
5. Can you keep your cool in a melt down. I really encourage you to flex your “chill” muscle because if u can stay calm your child will almost always get something out of it but be honest with yourself it won’t be good for either of you if you both loose it. The more you use that “chill” muscle the more you can handle the more your child will have the opportunity to grow.

Hope this helps someone.

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Monsters talk


It’s never fun climbing those hills in our lives but it’s always worth it.

“Monsters Talk” by John Mark McMillan
“There can be 2 sides to the reality that we live in. The first reality is that life is hard, brutal, sometimes outright terrible, but the other reality is that life is beautiful, full of wonder, and hope. But both these realities are true. The question I had to ask myself was, which reality am I going to make friends with. Not denying either one or pretending that one didn’t exist, but which reality was I going to talk to, which reality was I going to listen to.”

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A case of the Mondays


Remember if you are having a bad day to multiply your age X 365 and know only one of those is today.

Do what you can and know the leaves will fall as they may.

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A day ending and night coming

Sounds of his little mouth opening and exhaling the sounds of a long and exhausting day otherwise known as the yawn. Snuggled with his tiny little body next to mine as I lay in his bed with the room so dark. As he quietly slips into a sleep, the sounds of his breath changing and chest moving slower and slower and deeper and deeper. I hear the sounds of his air coming and going and his little voice say “nigh-nigh time mommy?” and I whisper softly back “It is nigh-nigh time baby, I love you.” and I hear “I lub you.”

The beautiful voice of my 3 year old repeating a prayer, “Thank you Jesus for today, thank you for my daddy, thank you for my mommy, and thank you for brother, Thank you Jesus. Aaaaaamen”


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